Who is the owner of Floralia Ltd Bus Company?

Floralia Ltd is a Belizean-owned and operated company. It was co-founded by Marvin Vanzie and Derick Garcia and a team of talented and experienced professionals who saw a need to improve public transportation for everyday commuters.

What is the route the bus takes before leaving Punta Gorda?

The Floralia Bus route out of Punta Gorda begins at the Floralia PG Facility located on Olivia Sentino Street. The bus then turns by the Ministry of Works, goes along the airstrip, and makes a right turn to Jose Marita Nunez Street. The bus travels down this road, makes a left turn at Cemetery Lane street, and turns again on George Price Street. The bus parks at the Punta Gorda Central Park of Heroes for 15 minutes. The bus then continues towards the UNO Gas Station, heading to the seafront to start its journey on the Southern Highway.

Are the prices for Floralia Bus higher than the other bus companies?

The Department of Transport regulates all bus prices in Belize. As a result, Floralia charges the same express bus fare as all the other bus companies.

How did the name Floralia come about?

Floralia means "A Festival of Flowers" or "A celebration of Nature." We aim to provide the highest level of service to the Belizean Public while being conscious of new technologies and practices that allow us to work in harmony with Nature.

Does Floralia offer a package delivery service?

Yes, we offer a package delivery service from Terminal to Terminal. We make stops in Belize City, Belmopan, Dangriga, Independence, and Punta Gorda. Requirement: The Sender is required to present an ID Label the package with the following information: Sender's name and phone number, receiver's name and phone number, and Final Destination. Either the Sender or Receiver can make payment

Does Floralia offer any discounts on Bus Fare?

a. Yes, we offer several discount options for passengers. i.Senior Citizens receive $1.00 OFF upon showing their Golden Citizens Social Security Card. And up to a $2.00 discount when their bus fare exceeds 20.00 dollars. ii.Uniformed Police Officers and Military Personnel receive $1.00 OFF. And up to a $2.00 discount when their bus fare exceeds 20.00 dollars. iii.Children under the age of 12 receive $1.00 OFF. And up to a $2.00 discount when their bus fare exceeds 20.00 dollars.

Is Floralia Ltd here to take over the bus industry?

No. We offer an alternative for commuters and a new standard for other bus operators to strive to achieve.

What is Floralia offering customers that is different?

a. We offer passengers an entirely new Belizean travel experience. Our new buses are designed for Comfort, Safety, and Reliability. Each passenger has an individual reclinable seat with an armrest, footrest, USB charging port, foldable table, and seat belt. b. The entire passenger cabin is air-conditioned and has two entertainment screens for movies, shows, and music. c. The uniformed staff is trained in Customer Service, First Aid, and Emergency Response. d. We have an accurate and transparent ticketing system. Each bus has a mobile Point of Sale device that refers to an extensive database of locations and distances to determine the bus fare for each passenger.

Are Snacks and Drinks available?

We offer snacks and drinks for sale on Floralia Buses.

Where can I purchase a ticket to board a Floralia Bus?

Floralia buses travel along the entire southern corridor between Belize City and Punta Gorda. The buses stop at the Belize City Terminal, Belmopan Terminal, Dangriga Terminal, Independence Terminal, and Punta Gorda Central Park. Tickets are sold on the bus and at the Belize City Terminal.

Does the bus make stops at the different villages along the route?

Yes, Floralia buses make regular stops along the route and the main Terminals.

Will Floralia ever offer online Payments?

We are working on a payment system to make life easier and safer. The aim is to offer a hassle-free way to make payments without carrying around cash.