How to Reserve a Seat on Floralia

Floralia currently does ticketing on first come, first service basis. However, seat reservation can be done in advance by contacting us via phone call or whatsapp to the Floralia Phone number at +501-674-FLOR / 3567. Floralia’s Team is currently working plans to launch an online/cash-less payment system in the near future. We offer several discount options for passengers. Persons 60 years or older qualify for Senior Citizens discount of $1.00 upon a valid ID with the date of birth shown or up to a $2.00 discount when the bus fare is over $20.00 dollars. Uniformed Police and Military Personnel qualify for a $1.00 discount and can receive a $2.00 discount if the fare is above $20.00. Children under the age of 12 will receive a discount of a $1.00 or a discount of $2.00 if the bus fare is above $20.00. Lastly, Babies and/or toddlers seated on their parent’s lap are free of charge.

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